Things I Love: A Really Random List

(in no particular order…I’m typing as I think)

  1. my family and friends
  2. my nephew (he gets his own number.)
  3. caffeine
  4. cats
  5. books
  6. notebooks
  7. the sound of rain
  8. awesome pens
  9. coffee
  10. warm, fuzzy sweaters
  11. blankets
  12. my cat, Leonardo DeCatrio (don’t judge, I’m funny)
  13. my job
  14. the first major snow *if I don’t have to drive (and more if it melts right away)
  15. Olive Garden breadsticks
  16. sushi (the good stuff, not the stuff from the cafeteria or grocery store)
  17. Thin Mint coffee creamer
  18. (specifically, the kindle section.)
  19. my kindle
  20. the smell of old books
  21. squirrels
  22. llamas
  23. days on which I don’t trip over an object, or myself
  24. chocolate
  25. my truck
  26. peace signs
  27. dragonflies
  28. music
  29. quotes boards on Pinterest
  30. entire days that I spend in bed reading